This is so woo

You know, as in woo-woo.

As in, this is so woo-woo.

How can something this woo-woo work?

You are so woo.

I, and maybe you too, are used to hearing this about the realm of energy healing and the role of the healer in the areas where we do not have scientific evidence to explain our experiences. We have handed over nearly all power to the rational mind to define healing.

Being woo implies ungroundedness, flightiness and a distinct lacking of substance and presence. Not smart. Not real. Not effective. Distinctly off-center. Maybe a little cra-cra.

And yet this energy medicine is as old as time, bringing awareness to our aliveness.

Our core wound today is that many of us are cut off from our indigenousness. We have lost our connection to our multi-dimensional selves, our awareness of ourselves as beings of soul and consciousness in bodies on a living planet to which we are intimately and ultimately connected.

Energy healing teaches me that the physical illness is a communication from my body about an imbalance that may have its roots in the emotional, mental or spiritual plane. The physical manifestation of dis-ease means things have gotten pretty dense. That’s woo.

The etymology of words can bring to light information that has been lost to our conscious minds. When I study etymology, I often understand what has been lost because the essential energy carries through somehow.

Consider the basis of woo or wu. In the earliest recorded history of ancient China, during the Shang dynasty, wu referred to a female healer, shaman, herbalist.

The Wu brought the harmonizing and unifying power of the cosmos into embodied presence on earth.

The Wu climbed to the mountains to gather herbs to heal and comfort the sick and dying.

The Wu danced, chanted and sounded healing into being.

Look it up.

But before you do that, go outside and breathe. With your bare feet, breathe your way through your feet all the way to the crystal at the earth’s center and anchor there. With that connection in place, travel on your breath all the way out to your very own star in the cosmos. From the warmth of the earth to the light of the star, ride your breath back to rest in the center of your heart.

Yep, I am woo. And so are you.

With gratitude to Asia Suler, One Willow Apothecary, for inspiration.

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