Terms And Conditions Of Use

The important fine print.

Last updated May 4 2024

This is the fine print about sessions, products, teachings, events and everything else I offer.  These things matter as they help form a solid container for our work together and help us both be on the same page and avoid surprises of what we each expect of one another. 

When you schedule with me, Elizabeth Combs, or use my website, read my blog or newsletters or books, use my teachings, watch my videos, or listen to my audio broadcasts, or anything else I offer, you are agreeing to be bound by the following conditions:

Contractual terms 


This Agreement is between  (“you” and “your”) and Elizabeth Combs (“I”, “me”, “my”). 

My Commitment to You

I promise, as a practitioner, to support you in creating, grounded, healthy shifts in your body, energy and life in the most ethical ways possible. (the “Services”).  

What I Expect of You

By working with me, you are agreeing that you are fully responsible for your own well-being and actions before, during, or following the Services and your interactions with me. This includes expressing to me your needs and concerns regarding our work.

Term + Termination

The term of this Agreement will begin on the start of your first session and end when we agree our work together is complete. You and I both hold the right to stop working together for any reason at any time. 

Specifics of Services

I will support you as an energy medicine practitioner, mentor, educator, and practitioner of the intuitive healing arts in creating positive change through the specific Services, as outlined on my website, www.ElizabethCombs.com 


I want to hear from you!  You can reach out to connect via email, phone or text and I will do my best to respond within 1-2 of my business days. However, I am unable to be on call after hours, on weekends or holidays. 


The information you share with me is private and sacred. I will not talk about you or share any information, records or notes related to our therapeutic relationship unless I have your written permission or unless I am required to do so by law.

Fees and Payments

Payment is expected at time of service. Session fees are listed in USD and outlined on my website, www.ElizabethCombs.com. I reserve the right to change my Fees at any time and without notice.  Payment is accepted via JaneApp, PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, Zelle, credit cards and checks. I may add other payment options.
Programs Classes, Workshops and Session Packages: You expressly agree and understand that you are responsible for full payment of Fees for the Programs Classes, Workshops and Sessions/ Packages that you have enrolled in regardless of whether you complete it or are willing or able to complete the program, regardless of unforeseen circumstances. If you choose a two payment option, you are responsible for the full and entire cost of the program, regardless of whether or not you complete it.

No Refunds Policy

    • I have a strict no refunds policy for all programs and services including those offered through my website, www.ElizabethCombs.com.  This means, once you have scheduled and paid for a Session, Workshop, Program or Session Bundle, I do not offer refunds. You are solely responsible for reading my terms and agreements carefully. Please contact me before you purchase any Services or Programs if you have any questions before scheduling. I am happy to help you determine if it is a good fit for you before you sign up.
       1:1 Sessions: You may reschedule the day or time of your 1:1 session with more than 24 hours’ notice by following the prompts in your appointment confirmation email and choosing another available time using online schedule.
    • Programs, Classes and Workshops and Teachings: Once you have registered and paid for a program I do not offer refunds and your registration is not transferable.
    • I reserve the right to cancel a Session or Program for any reason with less than 24 hours’ notice: If this happens you will be offered a full refund via the payment platform in which you paid.
    • Products: I do not offer refunds or returns on Products, Teachings, Videos, or any other product available on my website. If purchased through my website, www.ElizabethCombs.com, and products arrive damaged, contact me within 2 weeks for a replacement.

Experiencing the Services

Energy medicine can be catalytic. When receiving the Services some people may have normal responses that include: noticing shifts in your energy or body, having emotional or energetic releases such as crying or laughing, or experiencing feelings of exhaustion or extreme increases in energy, or a sudden increase in your intuitive awareness and perceptions. Alternately, some people may not notice big shifts. You are fully responsible for your aftercare and integration, which includes having and seeking appropriate support.   

No Guarantees

I cannot guarantee the success of the Services. However, I can promise to provide you with the opportunity and Services to support you in your positive change, but the success of the Services ultimately depends on you.   

Limits of Services

I will not offer advice, read or tell you your future, or tell you which direction and choice to make or path to take. My role is to support you in your positive change, but not to create it for you.  

Not a Medical Practitioner

You and I both acknowledge that I do not prescribe, diagnose, or give medical advice or treatment, nor do I offer counseling or psychotherapy.


You hereby indemnify me for any and all expenses, losses, damages or liabilities relating to any and all claims, debts, demands, suits, actions and causes of action which may be brought or made against me by any person or company arising out of the performance of the Services.

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