Lovingly Grounded

Heartfully Centered

Intuitive Energy Medicine

Helping humans awaken, nourish and strengthen their healing capacities.

What in the world is Intuitive Energy Medicine? To me, it’s down-to-earth, practical and loving support for living in greater balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually on this beautiful planet Earth.

We all innately know how to care for ourselves and how to re-find that ever-shifting balance. And, sometimes we may need help to remember these truths and apply them in our lives. That’s where I come in.

When stress, grief, worry, or trauma are blocking your connection to who you truly are, intuitive energy medicine can help you access your heart-rooted core — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Hey there y’all, I am Elizabeth, an intuitive energy medicine guide.

I help sensitive empathic beings having a human experience to live in greater balance; to gently restore harmony, peace and wholeness; to gather knowledge from all sources of wisdom, the heart of the world and mostly from our own hearts, to become who we are meant to be. I help you remember that you are your own best healer, and how you can access your own deepest healing.

The small ruby everyone wants
has fallen out in the road.
Some think it is east of us,
others west of us.

Some say, “among primitive earth rocks,”
others, “in the deep waters.”

Kabir’s instinct told him it was inside,
and what it was worth,
And he wrapped it up carefully
in his heart cloth.


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