Elizabeth is a natural healer and has always been incredibly caring, wise and insightful. She has the natural ability to be a calming presence.  This comes through in her energy work, which has helped me tremendously.  She has the ability to put people immediately at ease.  She is amazingly supportive, sensitive and professional at the same time…..I have experienced stressful days where I could only fit in a 30 minute session with her, which provided immediate results and an increase in my energy and focus.  She has helped me each and every time she has worked with me to feel more balanced and clear in order to achieve my goals and become healthier overall. I highly recommendation Elizabeth without any hesitation!  — GS

The energy work has helped me get through a very challenging weekend. — SD

I found much needed peace in your space. My discomfort in my back is gone. — SL

You helped me to be with my true inner self during my treatment. Everyone needs this gift. — LH

My neck pain is completely gone. I had a revelation during the session about a couple of issues I have been struggling with lately, actually for a long time. Great! — SD

My wife recommended that I visit Elizabeth for help when I was suffering an emotionally traumatic period in my life. Elizabeth walked me through the basic components of energy healing and performed some Reiki-like therapy. It was a unique and powerful experience and I found a tremendous level of relief from the physical and mental pain I had been feeling. Now that I’m healthier, I visit Elizabeth periodically for an “adjustment”. I keep coming back because I always feel dramatically better after energy work. In fact, it’s the most meaningful therapeutic care that I receive and I don’t even need to understand how it works to experience the benefits. Now that I know how healthy energy feels, it makes it a lot easier for me to pay attention to my personal balance. And when I need help, I know that I can turn to Elizabeth for kind and compassionate treatment. Elizabeth is a talented healer and has brought the power of energy awareness into our lives. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. We love you!  — RW

You have a confidence and touch that is very reassuring and healing. I could trust and surrender to your energy work. — ST

Finding you was like finding a life line in a very dark night of the soul. is that over dramatic.? well, I don’t think so, because that’s what it was like. If you need a reference of any kind, I’m your client. — HD

My time with Elizabeth has been incredibly rewarding and enlightening. I feel like my life is both richer and more restful. The world is a more interesting and understandable place with Elizabeth alongside. –KB

[I wanted to thank you for treating me yesterday. You are truly amazing. The difference in how I feel is night and day. — JG

I feel completely better and even went to church! A miracle. Completely better thanks to your treatment. Thank you! — MK

I feel great! No migraine! And no drugs. — LC

My back pain has improved greatly since our session. — MK

I felt so relaxed and peaceful after our session. My headache was completely gone and I slept great without waking in the middle of the night. — LC

Our session was excellent I felt a big change in my energy so much that I was quite different than when I came in. And indeed felt very GRATEFUL for our work together. — ST

Thank you for all your time and beautiful energy work. No doubt it got me through some of the roughest parts of my recovery. My pain was much less when I woke up. — MW

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