Dandelion Love

Earlier this morning I watched a beautiful red-headed and -breasted male house finch eat a dandelion flower. Petal by petal. Patiently. Completely. Right in front of me. 

Got me planning I want to harvest some dandelion flowers for today’s salad and maybe dry some for later, maybe make some infused oil, probably a flower essence. Good for the liver (feeling irritated about anything?) and all digestive processes too! That’s just a start. (All about your Solar Plexus Energy Center …. scroll down for more info.)

Those dandelions! They grow up through cracks in the pavement. They get sprayed with Round Up and who-knows-what-all and keep growing. They take the opportunity created by human disturbance to adapt and thrive. That is some kind of love to keep going through all that.

Taraxacum officinale

Thephysical structure of the universe is love. —Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

More about that Solar Plexus Chakra/ Energy Center, located in the upper belly area and often associated with the color YELLOW. It is concerned with our mental processing and is home to all the internal organs responsible for transformation of all kinds. It is relational. It is tough. It is loving. Have you ever thought about all your liver does for you? Thank you Liver. Thank you Gall Bladder. Thank you Pancreas. Thank you Spleen. Thank you Stomach. Thank you Diaphragm. Thank you Small Intestine. Thank you Large Intestine. Thank you Cell Metabolism. Thank you Hepatic Portal Valve (look it up!).

How does this resonate with your experience of the Solar Plexus Energy Center?

When in balance physically we have strength to fight infections, are free of allergic reactions, and are able to use the nutrients we ingest. When it is out of balance physically we will have low tolerance to infection, suffer from hormone disorders, or have low tolerance for many foods.

Mentally and emotionally when it is in balance, we can listen well (trust our gut!), make the decisions (trust our gut!) and take actions we need to take to keep our life going toward manifesting our true life purpose; out of balance, we may feel stuck, looping in old tapes and past mental and emotional patterning. 

Spiritually, when the solar plexus is in balance we are free to trust our interpretation of the world through our own thoughts and emotions and not live in fear of others’ different views. When the solar plexus is out of balance spiritually we may feel fear: fear of the displeasure of others, of disappointing others, or fear of subordinating our life and pleasures to the will of others.

Remedies include moving our body, taking risks, learning to feel and release anger in healthy ways…..

Nibble a dandelion and see what s/he tells you.

Pay attention and trust your experience.

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